Neutral Smokey Eye Makeup


I went to lunch with friends last weekend and took a few pictures of the ‘getting ready’ process, AKA a very small tutorial. This is day-time appropriate and something you could wear to work, assuming you don’t work in a nunnery. I don’t often wear eyeliner to work because my brain isn’t yet functioning aroundΒ 6:00AM -but a girl’s gotta do what she’s gotta do!

I try to wear organic makeup as often as I can. With all of the chemicals in everything, I don’t want that junk seeping into my glamorous pores. For special occasions, I allow myself to indulge in MAC, Urban Decay, Smashbox, etc. *Le Sigh*


My go-to daily products usually involve 100% Pure & Lavera.

For this look:

-Use a primer of your liking
-100% Pure eyeshadow in the shade Flax Seed (inner corner)
-100% Pure eyeshadow in the shade Chestnut (outer corner)
-100% Pure eye liner in the color Silver star
*Fill in your brows lightly {I use Anastasia Beverly Hills}
*Sigma brushes are pure magic, but anything will do :]

100 percent pure makeup organically glamorous

Have a fun Friday night ya’ll.




Hope you’ll stay a while.





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