Megan MacKay on Ray Rice and the NFL

She’s a hilarious Youtuber, with a “makeup” inspired tutorial that points fingers at the NFL for their current choices on the Ray Rice abuse scandal floating around. Thank you, Upworthy, for sharing this:

If you, or someone you know, is in an abusive relationship, please seek help as soon as possible! Your life matters, and you are worth so much more than the pain you are enduring. Love cannot coexist with violence. Love is kind. Mental and/or physical abuse is a sign to flee.

For amazing resources:

Violence Against Women  (ways to tell if you are being abused, how to get help, types of violence, and current laws)

Shelters for women in the United States (places you can turn to for help & safety in numbers)

Be safe everyone.




Hope you’ll stay a while.



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