Home decor ideas for Fall

Happy Sunday!

My husband & I are celebrating 2 years of marriage today :] Woo~! So thankful to God for this amazing man.

In honor of my happy mood, I’m quickly posting some fall-inspired items I’ve decorated around the house. Fall is my favorite season. The bay area doesn’t have gorgeous autumnΒ weather like the rest of the country does– but in some small ways, you can tell summer has finally left us.

Bring on some holiday decorations:

fall inspired fireplace mantel fall leaves and pumpkins images

fall decor cute decorations for fall pumpkins and sunflowers

entry way fall decorations sunflowers in a bucket

cute out a pumpkin and fill it with fall flowers or decorations

pumpkins and candles organge and red berries fall decor for the house

fall decor pretty entry way decorations. fall wreath and halloween lights

fall decorations on a hutch. string them along the rim

Voila! Most of these things you can find at antique fairs, craft stores, or from some DIY projects. Pinterest is great for decoration ideas around the house. I think simple living room & dining room holiday decor make all the difference; it’s where people gather πŸ™‚

Hope you’ll stay a while.




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