This fits my mood

It’s Tuesday. I’m wishing it was Friday. This season is our craziest time at work, and I’m desperately needing something to remind me life isn’t all work & no play.

This will do:

LOL pinterest starbucks pumpkin spice latte | organically glamorous#whitegirls

Speaking of white girls, lets just make this whole post about things I think are hilarious and embarrassing, because….maybe I can relate a bit πŸ˜›

funny white girl problems LOL meme |organically glamor0us


Really, this is newsworthy?

funny innapropriate white girl bathroom selfie Organically Glamorous

I like myself so much, I’ll take a weirdΒ butt shot with anyone.

funny pretend sleeping selfie meme organically glamor0usSometimes it looks cuter when you don’t take it “yourself”. Okay?

Ew Scetch Jimmy Fallon SNL Late Night Organically GlamorousBecause selfies are better with your best friends. #jimmyfallon wanna be one of them?


Hope you’ll stay a while.







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