Honeybee Gardens Lipstick Swatches

Happy Sunday!

I can’t believe Christmas is only a few days away. I was at the San Francisco 49er game pretty much all day yesterday- so I finally have some time this morning to upload some pretty swatches from HoneyBee Gardens ❤

If you are unsure about getting into Natural Makeup, start off with lipstick. There are some seriously stunning shades out there, and no one will ever know the difference.

I have 5 lipstick samples & 2 lipliner swatches to show off. I’ll show them in some different lightning. Most of the ingredients include products like coconut oil, shea butter, vitamin E, cinnamon, rosemary,  etc.  #winwin

Honeybee Gardens lipstick swatches images OrganicallyGlamorous

Honeybee Gardens lipstick swatches pictures in shades bombshell risque vintage merlot

Honeybee Gardens lipstick shade swatches bombshell risque desire Organically Glam0rous

Vintage Merlot lipstick. This one is difficult to describe. I thought it would be a deep Burgundy color, but it seems to have some brown or orange in there too.

Honeybee Gardens Vintage Merlot lipstick swatch picture images OrganicallyGlamorous

Honeybee Gardens Vintage Merlot lipstick swatch image pictures OrganicallyGlam

Risque lipstick. This color is more of a pink than a red. It reminds me of a soft magenta shade.

Honeybee Gardens Risque lipstick picture swatches Organically Glamorous

Honeybee Gardens lipstick in Risque

Desire lipstick. This shade is a brick red; it has a burnt orange hue to it. It did not look nice on my pale/pink skin.

Honeybee gardens desire lipstick swatch brick red burnt orange OrganicallyGlam

Honeybee gardens risque lipstick swatch Organically Glamorous

These next two here…were my favorites! They are neutral enough that I could wear them every day- and I just might.

Romance lipstick. It’s a red/mauve with a pop of extra warmth.

Honeybee gardens romance lipstick shade swatch picture Organically GlamorousHoneybee gardens romance lipstick mauve red picture swatch OrganicallyGlam

Bombshell lipstick. This last one is my FAVORITE. Oh wow. It’s a soft, mauve shade with a pink undertone. It wears like a lipgloss.

Honeybee Gardens Bombshell swatch pictures OrganicallyGlamorous

HoneyBee Gardens Bombshell lipstick swatch natural organic makeup Organically Glam0rousYes, please!

This next picture may seem odd- but I think it shows a nice side-by-side comparison of the colors. I had to smash the samples a bit…but I think it works in this case:

Honeybee gardens lipstick swatches side by side vintage merlot risque desire bombshell desire romanceAnd lastly, are the lipliners. I got Zen & Fantasy. Honeybee gardens lipliner swatches Zen Fantasy Organically Glamorous

The Kylie Jenner lip trend has caught on like wildfire so much…

Kylie Jenner Instagram mauve lip trend

…that I figured I would try it out. I think these liners, paired with the Bombshell lipstick, may just do the trick!

Honeybee gardens lipliner swatches shade zen fantasy Organically Glamorous

The warm, brown lipliner shade is Zen; and the one on the right with a more mauve hue to it, is Fantasy 😉

Hope you’ll stay a while.



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