Zuii Organic Makeup Swatches

Ladies & Gents,

This brand is so much fun. I have several makeup swatches today for the eyes lips face.  Zuii Organics collection is primarily made out of FLOWERS! Brilliant? I know. I’m talking about natural organic makeup ingredients like Rose buds, Chamomile, and Jasmine!

Their certified organic flora eyeshadow gives off some serious pigmentation. I’ll show the eyeshadow’s in different lighting so you can see their depth.

This (left) first Zuii eyeshadow is in FLAME. It’s a vibrant orangey copper color with deep metallic flecks. This eyeshadow looks great on blue eyes:
Zuii Organic eyeshadow in Flame. Eyeshadow pictureswatches on the blog |Organically Glamorous

This middle Zuii Organic eyeshadow color is in Apple. It’s a dark green eyeshadow with some metallic flecks as well. This would look killer on brown eyes:
Zuii Organic eyeshadow swatch in Apple, green eyeshadow picture. More on blog Organically Glam
This (right) Zuii Organics eyeshadow is in the shade Rose Most. Of the 3 eyeshadows right here, it has the spottiest pigmentation, but it’s really pretty. It has a soft pink shimmer to it:
Zuii Organic eyeshadow in Rose Mist. Natural Eyeshadow Picture swatches on blog

Next? Some lipstick swatches! I am officially in love with Zuii Organic’s pink lipstick! Have I mentioned that I typically loathe pink lips? I try and I try…. but I either look like a Prostitute or a crazed 5-year old in mommy’s makeup.

This wonderful pink lipstick is in the shade Cashmere. It’s a cool-toned pink, with a soft mauve kick to it. It’s a shade that maybe Barbie would wear if she ever grew up:
Zuii Organic eyeshadow in Rose Mist. Natural Eyeshadow Picture swatches on blog
Zuii Organic CERTIFIED ORGANIC FLORA LIPSTICK in CashmereI like it because it’s like a “my lips but better” type of lipstick shade. Perfect for lunch with the girls, or a 2am dance party on the town. It’s long lasting, and a buildable lipstick shade, which can be hard in the natural world.
Zuii Organic lipstick swatch Cashmere pictures

Okay, back to some more eyeshadows from Zuii Organic.

This color here on the bottom left, is in the eyeshadow shade Grape. It’s a baby purple, with no shimmer. It has awesome pigmentation for being so light in color. This will be fun as a bottom eyeliner, or simple pop of color, if you choose to get it wet:
Zuii Organic eyeshadow swatch in Grape. More pictures on blog I Organically Glamorous
This (middle) baby blue eyeshadow color from Zuii is in the shade Seafoam.  It is SO PIGMENTED, which is insane because it feels like a huge shimmer ball. It will be pretty on all eye colors:
Zuii Organic eyeshadow color in Seafoam
Lastly, the (right) eyeshadow from Zuii is in the shade Blackberry. It is a deep purple eyeshadow, that can be layered to almost look black. It has really spotty pigmentation, so be prepared to work with it a bit:
Zuii Organic eyeshadow in Blackberry, picture swatches on blog Organically Glamorous

Okay, back to more lipstick color swatches

This Zuii Organic lipstick is in the shade Sugar Plum. It’s a hot pink with a fuchsia undertone. I layered it three times on this hand, so you can see how buildable this lipstick color is: Zuii Organic lipstick in Sugar Plum, pink lipstick picture swatches

Zuii Organic Sugar Plum lipstick swatch on organic makeup blog

This last lipstick shade is the darker version of it, in straight Plum. It’s a fun red lipstick, with a hint of pink. Again, I built it up a few times so you can see the color payoff:
Zuii Organic Plum lipstick picture swatches
Zuii Organic Plum lipstick pictures. Swatches on Organically Glam0rous

And lastly, a few flora liquid foundation samples from Zuii Organic!  If you have combination to dry skin these will be an awesome safe, natural foundation for you. If you have oily skin, probably avoid these, as they give off a dewy finish to the face. This is a light-medium coverage foundation btw.
Mine are in the shades (L to R) Light Rose, Rose, Natural Fair, and Beige Fair:
Zuii ORGANIC FLORA LIQUID FOUNDATION picture swatches on blogUnless you have legit porcelain skin, Light Rose will be too fair. Rose works great with my skin-tone as I have pink undertones.
Zuii Organic liquid foundation in rose light rose natural fair beiege fair samples
Zuii Organic liquid foundation swatches in rose light rose natural fair and beige fair pictures

*Keep in mind that this natural brand is located in Australia. By USA standards, it is not 100% organic. But there are –
No petrochemicals or synthetics
No talc
No Sodium Laureth Sulphate
No Polyethylene Glycol
No harmful preservatives or parabens
No nano particles
#win 🙂

Hope you’ll stay a while.



2 thoughts on “Zuii Organic Makeup Swatches

  1. Hi there, thinking of getting some of their lipsticks… Just a question: Did you get the Sugar Plum and Plum mixed up? I ask because Sugar Plum looks darker than Plum on the Zuii website. If you could clarify that would be great. Thanks!


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