Alteya Organics Rose Water

Hello all!

If you haven’t found an all natural face toner yet, try this one out 🙂

It’s USDA approved organic rose water, and you can find it right on Alteya’s website, or you can buy it on Amazon. This rose water is special because it’s straight from the famous Rose Valley in Bulgaria. It smells heavenly 🙂


Rose water hydrosols are great for your skin, and especially for your face! Some of the health benefits of rose water:

-Restores lipid balance to the skin
-Calming and Anti-inflammatory
-Easily removes dirt (use a cotton pad)
-Stimulates skin

What I love most about Alteya Organics, is that their rose water is both therapeutic, and food grade quality. This is hard to find! For the price, you cannot beat it. It’s the perfect, organic makeup setting spray. It’s gentle, and great for all skin types. Who doesn’t love the smell of roses??

rose water from famous rose region in Bulgaria. Alteya Organics rose water

Hope you’ll stay a while.




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