100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Cream Foundation

Hello beauties!

Today I’m reviewing this cream foundation from 100% Pure. I’ve tried this out for several weeks now, and thought I’d share some tips.

Praise the Heavens, this foundation of theirs was formulated for drier skin types! It’s lightweight, yet buildable- and a little goes a very LONG way.

 Fruit Pigmented Cream Foundation, in Alpine Rose

This above Alpine Rose shade is actually more comparable to Pure’s “Healthy Skin Foundation” line, in the shade Cream. Below are some picture swatches between their different cream lines, so you can see what color and formulation is right for your own skin!

100% Pure cream foundations alpine rose vs cream

*Left Bottle-  Fruit Pigmented Healthy Skin Foundation: Cream
*Right Pan-  Fruit Pigmented Cream Foundation: Alpine Rose

These two different formulas are pretty much the same color. Oddly enough, the standard pan “cream foundation” in the color CREAM was really yellow…which is why I didn’t buy it. So be weary if you are buying online! For this formula, I went with Alpine Rose instead.

~The full coverage Healthy Skin Foundation (on the left) is comprised of mainly Aloe vera & Rice starch. It also has Titanium Oxide and Zinc oxide in it. These non toxic SPF ingredients make the formula real thick. **I actually now use this as an all natural eyeshadow primer, instead of a foundation. Personally, it’s too thick for my face. It feels like paste, and dries me out like crazy during the colder months. However, you will love this bottle if you have oily skin. Be careful though, because you can get some Cake Face with this foundation.

~The standard pan Cream Foundation (on the right) applies easily like a BB cream. It offers a fantastic medium coverage. It’s made mainly out of Avocado Butter, Pomegranate seed oil, and Rice Germ Powder. There is no SPF in it, which I prefer indoors (I work in an office). Because of this, there are no minerals in it, making it truly pure makeup!!! This is all natural, and gives a “no makeup” makeup look.

Ingredient List:

alpine rose ingredients in Cream foundation from 100% Pure all natural brand

Side by side picture swatches- 1 finger swipe vs. 1 pump. You can see how thick the “Healthy Skin Foundation” is by comparison:

100% Pure foundation swatches in cream and alpine rose

Final thoughts?

This past month, I have been enjoying the Cream Foundation in the pan. There are no minerals, and NO Japanese Honeysuckle (unlike it’s counterpart)! #win

How do I wear Alpine Rose? Foundation tips:
I lightly rub some Organic Almond Oil onto my face, before I dab this cream foundation on. I found that this method makes it spread even easier on my dry face. It eventually dries matte, and I doesn’t look greasy throughout the day. This 100% Pure foundation is great for color correction.  It covers up my pink cheeks well! I don’t wear cream foundation every day, because it’s terrible for those with dry skin. BUT, I can wear this and not regret it the next day 🙂 Powder is my go-to during the winter months.

Alpine Rose is pale in color, so I start off very slowly with this product. If you lather it on too quickly, you’ll end up looking like a Victorian Queen. (AKA my 1st experience with it) But hey, maybe you’re going for that look 😉 In that case, lather it on baby.

pale faced queen with white makeup




Hope you’ll stay a while.



2 thoughts on “100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Cream Foundation

  1. Hi, Laura. Thank you for writing a review.

    I have been looking into this foundation (the pan). Normally I use the color Creme in Healthy Fruits Foundation, I have quite light skin with yellow undertone.

    I want to ask, did you swatch the color Creme (the pan) in the store to see a big difference between the two (Superfruits and the pan), or did you just look at the shade from the pan?

    I am asking because I have emailed the customers service and asked them, and they said for me to choose the Creme in the cream foundation.
    I am unsure what to choose, and I don´t have the possibility to swatch them myself.

    Thank you for your reply.


  2. Hello!

    I honestly can’t remember what I did. I’m pretty sure I swatched both in the store though. This was a few years ago, so it’s possible that the colors may have changed slightly. You would think that Cream in the bottle should/would match the color Cream in the pan. I just remember thinking they didn’t match on my arm, and that Alpine Rose seemed better. This pan truly probably one of the lightest shades I’ve ever worn, so do be careful!!! 🙂


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