Hi beauties!

I have a new organic makeup tutorial up on YouTube 🙂 I have some new blue eyeshadows from Silk Naturals and thought I would create a fun and affordable makeup look out of them.

*All of these all-natural makeup products are also vegan and cruelty free!

Natural and Non toxic makeup list for this blue, spring-inspired look:
-Eye primer: Juice Beauty Foundation in Buff
-Transition shadow: Hynt Beauty Foundation in Sand
-Matte Brown eyeshadow: Silk Naturals in Freckle
-Dark blue eyeshadow: Silk Naturals in Ruffian
-Light blue eyeshadow: Silk Naturals in Butterfly Blue
-Eyeliner Mixing Medium: The All Natural Face
-White eyeshadow: Honeybee Gardens in Nirvana

-Eyelashes: Ardele in #110 Natural
-Eyelash Glue: Thrive Cosmetics (*not natural, but only 2 ingredients!!)
-Matte liner: The All Natural Face eyeshadow in Midnight Black
-Brows: Jane Iredale brow gel in Blonde

Moisturizer: Nourish Organic Lotion – USDA Organic!
Liquid Foundation: Gabriel Cosmetics in Natural Beige (a bit dark for me)
Mineral Bronzer: Honeybee Gardens in Montego
Hope you’ll stay a while.




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